Mother Loved Me Best! – It’s all about the money.

Court slams adult children jockeying for mom’s cash.

A refrain often heard in Article 81 Guardianship proceedings is : “I only want what’s best for ” Mom, Dad or Aunt Ethel! Sadly, too often that oft repeated claim is a smokescreen hiding the true intent of the speaker: to hold on to the money!

A recent case illustrates how sibling rivalry, avarice and perhaps a lifetime of unreconciled mommy issues can impact, on a most profound level, the well being of and care for a frail and dependent Senior.

The Bronx County Supreme Court (the Court of general trial jurisdiction in New York) essentially kicked the son and daughter of a mother found to be an Incapacitated Person to the curb based on their egregious manipulation of their mother and her assets in competition with each other for their own benefit. (See, In the Matter of the Application of CARYL S.S., Petitioner, For The Appointment of A Guardian For the Person and/or Property of Valerie L.S., An Alleged Incapacitated Person, Respondent.
No. 91809/14. | March 23, 2015.) Continue reading