The Graduate?

With apologies to Mr. Robinson, it’s more than the plastic!

With your new grad, consider new legal requirements – they are now adults?

Parents and guardians often forget, or fail to consider, that once the proud graduate turns 18 s/he is now, in the eyes of the law, and the doctor, and the hospital and the school an adult.  Mom, Dad and Aunt Ethel have no right to see, hear or obtain the graduate’s personal information without their consent.

Off to College – you get to pay but not to see.

Schools and colleges, hospitals and doctors are restricted, by some very strict laws, from exposing and discussing the personal and private information of their students/patients.  So, grades, attendance, disciplinary and medical records are all out of bounds to mom and dad without the consent of the graduate.

Many parents are shocked and surprised when, in their usual parental role, they expect to manage the graduate’s affairs, they are met with a blank stare, or silence, following a query to the bursar, registrar or dean of discipline. And, in an emergency, say injury or an accident or stranding while a student abroad, parents and guardians should be prepared and able to gain access to protected information to help. Continue reading