Elderlaw and Medicaid Planning

Legal help for the Third Age

Our office assists clients and their families in coping with one of the most difficult and stressful periods they face: The Third Age.  The Third Age, the time after Middle Age, presents challenges to elders who may be suffering with the physical and mental issues seniors can be subjected to, and difficulties and burdens the “sandwich generation”, those still raising their own children while struggling to help older parents.

Medicaid Planning

Our office helps Third Age clients and their families navigate the confusing and often Byzantine landscape of Medicare, Medicaid and Disability planning.  We review all available data, discuss the family’s needs and resources and guide our clients to a plan for the support and care of those in need.  Whether the client is a Senior Citizen facing rehab after a fall, a beloved grandfather who is confused by the onset of cognitive dysfunction or a young person stricken by accident or disease, we work with the client, and family, to plan for resource management and perhaps chronic care.


Our senior clients often face difficult and bewildering legal challenges: Landlord-Tenant disputes, predatory salesmen and contractors, unscrupulous family members looting bank accounts, financial burdens that may suggest a reverse mortgage.  We work with our Seniors to reduce the stress of changing circumstances and to create a plan of action to help assure their stability and security.

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